Great Teams: The Beatles

Great Teams:
The Beatles


We believe that our culture differentiates us in the market. Our Core Values are centered on the concepts of service and relationship. Our primary goal is to help you realize your vision, both personally and professionally.

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Core Values

  • Prioritize the success of our investors and entrepreneurs above our own
  • Be intentional in pursuing, building and maintaining relationships
  • Be diligent, creative and loyal to our entrepreneurs
  • Communicate transparently with our investors and entrepreneurs
  • Make wise use of our time and resources for the success of our investors and entrepreneurs
  • Follow through on our commitments
  • Respect and value the differences in people and their viewpoints
  • Always do the right thing, even when contracts would allow us to do otherwise
  • Engage in the community with our time and resources
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Investment Principles

  • Invest our partners’ capital as if it were our own
  • Invest in proven, high-growth companies that we understand
  • Recognize that leaders are critical to the success of our investments and partner only with those that are capable, trustworthy, and motivated
  • Concentrate our investments so that we may dedicate significant time and resources into each company in which we invest


We are focused on being a valuable, dedicated and flexible partner.

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Focus on Growth Equity

Simply put, we invest in great businesses that have been around for a little while and that have a need for a partner or capital or both. These companies:

    • Tend to be three to ten years old

    • Reliable economic model

    • $5-$50 million in revenue with 20%+ growth rate

    • Approaching profitability or profitable

    • Often have not raised prior institutional capital

    • Equity capital need of $8-30 million

    • Minority or majority positions

OG-Industry Experience-2x.png

Industry Experience

We have three primary areas of investment experience: Software, Services, and Healthcare.

    • Within Software and Services, we’ve maintained a focus on B2B solutions and digital marketing.

    • We make healthcare investments in information technology and services and do not invest in life sciences, medical devices, or diagnostic companies.

OG-Flexible Transactions-2x.png

Flexible Transactions

We make $8-$30 million equity investments in minority or majority positions. This capital is used for many different purposes:

  • Invested to support the operations of a business to make hires and build infrastructure for growth,

  • Used to acquire shares from existing shareholders, or

  • Help a company make an acquisition.


You have earned the right to select the best possible partner for you and your company. We have been focused on growth company partnerships for over twenty-five years and have accumulated experiences that will help you magnify the value of your business. We welcome the opportunity to figure out how we can partner.

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Personal Fit

Our successes and challenges have led to our belief that shared values, incentive alignment and personal fit are the most important aspects of a successful long-term business relationship. We care a great deal about these components and believe that each of our entrepreneur-partners should as well.


Accomplish Your Goals

Our primary aim is to make you and your business highly successful. We believe that you select us as your partner for this reason. High-growth companies become enduring businesses only when they are able to attract top talent and advisors, build repeatable processes, and, perhaps most importantly, continue to innovate and grow. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs build these capabilities.



We draw upon over 25 years of experience and success building companies to provide the best possible support to our partners. Our expertise, networks and resources create an advantage for our partners throughout the company-building process.