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Great Teams: 1927 Yankees

Great Teams:
1927 Yankees

Leaders Are Everything

We believe that the key to any group-oriented achievement is sound leadership. The success of our companies hinges on the effectiveness of their leaders. These leaders are the stars and we are their greatest advocates.


Jim Lackey

Jim guided Passport through many years of rapid growth, profitability and ultimately to a successful sale. His greatest strength is finding talent, giving them direction and getting out of their way. We feel honored to be his partner.


Rand Nickerson

Rand Nickerson, along with President Mark Treschl, founded OpinionLab to be the enterprise’s source for customer feedback. His thoughtful leadership has positioned this innovative company as the leader in unsolicited feedback and a strategic resource for customers. Rand and Mark also developed the Company’s familiar [+] brand, which is viewed over 1 billion times per month.


Jim Tallman

Under Jim’s guidance, Datacert became the dominant participant in the market for legal technology. The hallmarks of Jim’s leadership are an intense focus on productivity and costs, a technical prowess rooted in Jim’s engineering background, and a long-term vision that is aggressive yet plausible with him at the helm.